Sep 2, 2013

Lisa Hansen Photography: Sharing Your Story and Capturing Memories

Family photos are a snapshot of a certain period of your sweet family's life, and I love them!

I love that taking family photos is a chance to clean up my mud monkeys, dress them up (in coordinating outfits even), perhaps even adorn one in a bow-tie, get a little fancy myself, and then capturing them in all their impish glory.

While I love getting family photos taken, sometimes the process is just, well, eh, so-so.

In the past, I felt a little like a smiling droid family striking the perfect statuesque pose, holding my breath and praying that all my Littles are looking at the camera.

Has this ever happened to you? Does this sound familiar?

I love family photos!
I hate family photos!
I love family photos.
I hate family photos.

Well, friends all I can say is from this day forward I declare from the mountaintops and a leafy treetop, or two, or ten, or a hundred, that--I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE family photos.

My new adoration and family photo love is all thanks to this lady...

Lisa Hansen of Lisa Hansen Photography.

Friends, oh friends! I have never in my life had such a personalized, unique and absolutely lovely photography experience. She really offers a boutique portrait art experience. I know you have seen some sneak peaks of our family photo sessions on Facebook and Instagram. I have been dying to tell you all about our experience.

Seriously people, best photography experience ev-ah. Oh where to begin?

Well how about the beginning...

From the very beginning, every detail is completely thought out. The packet she brings preparing you for your photo session is not only beautiful, but it is insanely helpful.

My favorite part is the Style Guide.

She perfectly prepares and guides you on ways to optimize the style of your family photo. She has suggestions on how to pick your outfits. Including, she uses her background in interior design (yes, she is like uber-talented) to guide you on picking a style so that your photos will also coordinate with your home decorations.

She calls you and discusses what location style you are thinking of and then like magic she just seems to know the perfect location. She asked us to think of things that we did as a family and to bring anything items we might want to use in our photo.

The result, perfectly candid, genuine, and lovely photos that catch the very essence of my sweet teeny tiny family.

Fields. A Quilt. Books. Giggles. Memories.

As the sun set, our photo session came to an end. It was like the end of a party that you really don't want to leave.

Seriously it was that grand.

AND like any good party hostess, she gives her sweet little guests a parting gift.

Insanely awesome, right???

My Little Men were beyond excited that they got a little gift. This photographer and Momma knows exactly how to make the day of the teeny tinies.

So are you getting that I think Lisa Hansen Photography is pretty amazing?

Now, where Lisa Hansen Photography really stands out is the unique Session Premiere she offers for viewing your photos. There is no studio or office you have to go to. Nah, she comes to you and you get to view your photos for your own personal Session Premiere and in the coziness of your own home.

PLUS, she brings you dessert (which we previously picked from a dessert menu).

The Premiere Session starts with the viewing of our family photos in a breathtaking custom movie of our photos mixed with some live video set to a beautiful and unique song picked just for our little family. She comes to your home prepared to give you the best movie experience possible. She brings a projector and a large screen to enhance the whole movie screening. Dessert on lap, while watching and had me at dessert.

The custom movie was captivating and there was the shedding of tears. Cried in my cheesecake it did. I shed happy, content, and sweet sappy tears. I actually still cry every time I watch it.

Watch it without oohing and ahhing, I dare you!

The hardest part of the whole process is deciding what photos to buy (because of course I want them all). In the Session Premier, she brings sample of the portrait sizes available to purchase. If we had questions as to which size would look best, she would grab her sample canvas and hold it up on our wall so we could see the actual size and see how that canvas would look on the wall.

She also offers several collections. That makes it easier to get the photos you want. Ooh, ooh, and she offers Christmas Cards! 

Long after my plate was licked clean, we finally settled on our photos.

We ordered our photos and then before I knew it, a lovely package was hand delivered to my house.

Inside was a little treasure all nestled in tissue paper.

Goosh! I fell even more in love with our photos with them sitting right there in front of me.

Can I also just mention that along with the photos of these beautiful squishable faces, there was a special treat of chocolaty goodness.

The attention to detail just never ended. Oh and I am pretty sure I ate most of those chocolates by myself. Sorry Hubby.

After I giddily clapped my hands, I started planning the layout to display our new (and might I add bestest family photos).

I am rather enamored.

My boys let me know how great it looked and then they promptly told their friends, "She finally hung up some pictures on the walls. FINALLY!"

Our walls have been bare the whole 2 years we have lived here.

Well, not anymore.

Thanks Lisa Hansen Photography for such a personalized photography experience where every detail was special and memory making. This unique boutique portrait art experience is really an unforgettable experience. I just can't say enough about this lady and her insane talent.

Go and visit her site (you might just see more photos from our session too). You will find yourself mesmerized by her work, I promise you that. 

Like her on Facebook. Spread the word. Schedule your own Boutique Portrait Art experience. She only has 2 spots left for her Fall schedule. Prepared to be amazed, in love, and ready to make your own memories.


Adrienne said...

WOW...amazing photos! You have such a beautiful family. I love the way she does her thing...awesome :-) Makes me wanna get family photos done, ha-ha.

My Recent Favorite Books said...

Love your family photos! And, your family video is amazing, ( I love these kinds of videos! ) and the music selection is awesome!

She did a wonderful job!!

Natalie said...

Wow, I've been looking everywhere for a good person to do senior photos. She is amazing - what special treatment! I wish she was in SLC!!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Natalie, she does phenomenal Senior photos!! SLC is kind of close ;).


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