Oct 23, 2013

A Pinteresting Wednesday: Stripes and Gingham

My go-to-fall outfit is layering a sweater and a button up shirt. Sometimes I mix it up with some pattern on pattern love. Sometimes I opt for a cardigan instead of a sweater.

Ultimately, I am a big fan of a style that says classy, preppy, and a little bit librarian.

I bought this blue gingham button up shirt last year when I recreated a Favorite Fall Look I found on Pinterest. Best purchase ever. Seriously.

I practically wear it once a week. It pretty much goes with anything.

So when I found THIS PIN, showing me another possible way to where my favorite gingham shirt I pinned it to my For My Closet pin board.

I just had to keep my eye out for a striped sweater that would fit the look.

So when I found this black and white striped sweater at Old Navy I kind of squeaked and I almost pressed my face against the store window.

I immediately liked the sweater.

Then upon closer inspection, I found something really rather spectacular...

Elbow patches.

This sweater has elbow patches. Eek!!!

Not only are they elbow patches, but they are BLUE elbow patches. The exact blue of my favorite gingham shirt.

Guys...it was also on sale.

Say what?!?

Bought. Done and done.

I paired it up with some ankle skinny jeans, black flats, and touches of gold jewelry.

Oh, I know it might seem silly, but man this sweater makes me happy.

Thanks again Pinterest for all the PINspiration. How did we dress ourselves before you?

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Adrienne said...

Lol :-) I was giggling towards the end :-p You do seem pretty stylish. My hubby likes to do Victoria Secret clothes for me and I do the plain shirts and jeans. Nothing too out there. When he does order something that is not "plain" I have a hard time getting used to it. There are some weird shirts out there even if they are considered "stylish". Anyway, perhaps you can give some tips on your blog when it comes to clothing.

My Recent Favorite Books said...

Love your shirt/sweater combo!

They are so pretty together!

ColleenandKendra said...

Looking completely adorable as usual!! Love it!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Adrienne...oh I wish I were stylish enough to give out advice...maybe I will work on it! Hahahah.

Melissa and Colleen...you guys are so sweet! Thanks!


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