Oct 15, 2013

Black and White Halloween Mantle

Recently one of my kids asked me what my favorite color is. Hands down...


I love it. Love and love and love it.  Especially in my house.

So I kind of use it a lot.

If I had all the say-so, more moolah, and Little Men without a penchant for making messes, then it is quite possible there would be even more white around my house.

For Halloween this year, I actually did a little decorating. If you have been around this here blog for a bit, you know I don't typically decorate for Halloween. However, this year, I just couldn't help myself.

Mostly because of the idea I got in my noggin for this...

We have a pretty great mantle. It is big and spacious. The wood is pretty (yes I probably would love it a little more if it were white). There is only one little hiccup with our mantle area. There is a cabinet built into the wall above the mantle meant for a box TV.

It is a fixture that without some minor construction and the previously mentioned moolah, will not disappear.

So work with it I shall.

That is what lead to me dreaming up the giant EEK canvas.

After I painted the Ombre Eek Halloween Art, I added in some more pops of white and black.

I spray painted some cheapo plastic pumpkins. Seriously they were like .98.  I filled some milk bottles with dry black beans. Yup, ordinary black beans you can buy at the grocery store.

In one more attempt to hide the TV cabinet, I put up a wreath. I bought a plain grapevine wreath and then spray painted it black. I added a black and white fabric sash.

All this black and white, I still needed a touch of Halloween.

So I made this itty bitty witches hat for my little white owl. (I gave a sneak peak of this Owl yesterday on Instagram--@larissa-anotherday).

A little felt and some hot glue and Little Mantle Owl is all boo-tastic.

Eek..could you die?

For the finishing touches, I added a felt bat garland and a white pom pom garland.

Now we are practically ready for frights, cackles, and all things Halloween.

Well, except I have that whole 'gotta finish costumes' thing going on...

...so stay tuned for more Halloween fun...

I also might have that bat pattern for you...

Ooh and I have another fun and easy Halloween decoration idea involving vinyl...we all love vinyl.

Happy Halloween!

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SStockhoff said...

I really loved the way that turned out! It looks great.


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