Nov 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Teacher Gift: Hand Pies

This year at the Little Men's school I am in charge of teacher appreciation. If you follow me on Instagram (and I totally think that you should...hehehe...@larissa_anotherday), then you have already seen a sneak peak of these little thankful pies.

I made simple hand pies with premade pie crusts and canned pie filling. So easy. I cut circles out using the top of a glass. Filled each pastry with one tablespoon of pie filling. Then I topped each pie with another circle of pie crust and sealed it with the tongs of a fork. Bake. Cool.

Then I packaged them all up.

I used really simple supplies, all which I bought from The Mart.

I flattened a cupcake liner and used it to lay the pie on. Then I put the pie into a paper CD envelope.

I used a paper doily and a small flattened truffle paper liner for the tags.

I hand wrote a little message in a gold new favorite thing.

I used a plain clothespin to attach the tag. Then I just repeated a bunch of times...enough for all our teachers.

I am grateful for good teachers. I kind of geek out over thinking of ways to thank our teachers. I had a lot of fun with these little Thanksgiving pies.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

1 comment:

Corrie- said...

I bet they LOVED these!!!


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