Dec 13, 2013

Build A Snowman Activity (Printable)

Yesterday I gave a little teaser of our Build a Snowman Activity on Instagram (follow along @larissa_anotherday).

When it is cold outside and there are some crazy Littles who have a pretty severe case of cabin fever, a fun indoor activity is just what the doctor ordered.

So I put together a fun Build a Snowman Activity printable that my boys could cut out and glue together.

I printed off the pages on cardstock.

Then the boys cut everything out.

Little required some help on the smaller pieces...aka the twig arms.

I made the face so that the individual eye and mouth dots didn't need to be separately cut out. I made them in a square that fits right onto the head circle.

Cut out the face square. Glue it onto the circle , and then glue on the nose.

I used larger pieces of craft paper for the backdrop of the snowman. They glued all the separate pieces on to that.

All three of my older boys were able to do the activity. Building their snowmen took up a good chunk of after school unrest time. Plus now I have three pretty awesome works of art to hang up on my Santa's Art Gallery wall.

I hope you enjoy and that you have fun with this Build a Snowman Activity Printable.

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1 comment:

Adrienne said...

Oh my goodness, you read my mind! I've been telling my 2 kids how this weekend we can do a snowman craft. Last weekend they did a Christmas tree craft that they put on their bedroom windows and I told them they can each do a snowman to go up with their trees. This is awesome! Thank you...I was just gonna cut out circles on white construction paper and then they could decorate the snowman and do the face and arms. This looks really nice so I'll have to print them out :-)


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