Dec 16, 2013

Project Homemade Christmas: Welcome Home Gift

Just over a week until Christmas. Eek. I promised myself I would wrap up all my Christmas projects by the 15th of December...

I am oh-so-close. I still have some super hero jammie pants to sew and my neighbor gifts to put together.

Are you guys all done with Christmas present getting/making? Do you need any last minute gifts? I am kind of loving this Welcome Home one.

I have a few brothers who just bought their first homes. So I thought it might be a good idea to give them a house related present.

Make a plain old wooden spoon and fork a little fancier with some paint.

I paired the new fancified serving utensils with some ever-so-lovely washrags from my very favorite store, Target. I can't handle how gorgeous their Threshold line is.

Then I went and swooned over this chunky knit pot holder. Sigh. Die. Love it.

Tied it all together with a scrap of lace and then added a hand-written tag. I wrote Wecome Home, but Merry Christmas would have worked too.

This doesn't have to be a gift just for a new home owner. This would be a lovely gift for any Goddess of the Kitchen... the way, I totally think I should be called that from this day and all the days ever after (oh, oh name the movie...we haven't played that game in awhile).

Merry Christmas and happy present giving.

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