Mar 12, 2014

Breakfast Command Center Tray {Project Pantry}

I have a project list two miles long. The list is more than a little overwhelming and a whole lot too much for the budget. Instead of getting all tragic about it I just pick one smaller project and I bust it out making my list just a bit smaller.

My smaller project as of late is a little pantry make over. I am calling it Project Pantry. I know. I am pretty original. It is a gift.

There has been painting and more painting. I have gathered containers I already owned and then bought some new ones. I only have a little bit more work to do. Then I can show you all my all prettied up pantry.

Today, I want to give you just a little sneak peak of Project Pantry. Well, this will be a second peak if you follow me on Instagram (go on and follow me @larissa_anotherday) because I already gave one over there.

One of the biggest messes in our pantry was all the breakfast stuff.

My solution was to organize all the breakfast stuff onto a Breakfast Command Center Tray.

We had a miraculously warm and sunny day which gave me the opportunity to spray paint some stuff. I had an old TV tray just taking up space. It was just the right size to hold some cereal boxes.

So it got spray painted.

Then it got fitted with all our breakfast favorites. We have cereal boxes nicely stacked side by side. Packets of instant oatmeal and granola are nicely stored in clear containers. Just grab some bowls, spoons, and milk and breakfast is ready.

When breakfast is done, I can just put the tray back into the pantry. Where it patiently waits and sits until the next morning breakfast rush.

Be on the look out for more Project Pantry coming soon! Eek! Can you feel the excitement?!?

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