Mar 21, 2014

He Turns Two Today

Our Baby turns two today.

Does that mean I have to stop calling him my baby? I hope not.

He is our baby and always will be. I am sure there will be many times he doesn't like that fact, but there will also be more times he more than benefits from it.

This Little Man of ours is delightful. He is cuteness, happiness, smartness, and squeezableness all in one pint-sized little package.

He is our only blue-eyed boy.

He is so many things and amazes us every day. We are biased we know, but we think he is awesome.

He talks so very well. He is constantly carrying on conversations with us and everyone he is around. He is so observant and learns things really quickly. He is always on the go. From the minute he wakes up (very, very early I might add) he is chatting, running, and pointing things out.

He loves all things sports. He especially loves football. We are going to have to train him to be a running back, since speed and not size is probably going to be his asset. 

He eats almost anything. He may not eat much, but he will gladly eat almost anything. He especially loves vegetables. Broccoli is his very favorite. 

He loves to climb on anything. He is super strong and has monkey-like grip with his hands. With his love of climbing comes a host of battle wounds. Hence the both the scare and bruise in this picture. I am sure this is just the first for our rough and tumble on the move little man.

I can't get over this boy of ours. He lights up every single day. "The Brothers" as he likes to call them, love and adore him. I am in awe of how they cater to and care about him. They are patient and loving and he loves and trusts them because of it.

This Little Man that was a surprised addition to our family has brought so much joy and completeness to us. He is truly a blessing.

Today he turns two. TWO! Time goes by too quickly. Today I will try to freeze time and enjoy this toddler of ours. We will party football style of course.

There will be cake.
There will be presents.
There will be laughing.
There will be squeezing.

There will be loving on you Little Mister Bean.

Happy Birthday, we love you!

1 comment:

SStockhoff said...

I love this sweet boy so much! I am so grateful to be his Nana.


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