May 21, 2014

Ten Craft Supplies to Buy at Walmart

Today I am sharing my Top Ten Craft Supplies to buy at WalMart, or as I like to affectionately call it...The Mart.

This is a list of things that I buy all the time for projects. Some of these things I pick up practically every time I go. These are items that I use over and over again. I use these things for projects, parties, packaging, presents, and, and, well I am fresh out of "p" words relevant to crafting.

The reasons I like buying these things at The Mart are many. First,  The Mart is a one stop shop. Oh I need milk? Huh okay, well I will just grab a couple of t-shirts too. Next reason, has got to be the prices. For most of these items, the cheapest you are going to find for them is at The Mart.  Another reason I buy these things at The Mart is because for the most part, I know these basics will always be available. 

So now that I have blathered on about why I get these Ten Craft Supplies at the Walmart, let's spill about what these ten craft supplies are.

10. Sandwich bags 

They are great for favors. They can be cut down, sewn together, and stapled closed with a tag. I use sandwich bags for treat packaging. You can buy zip close or fold over. You can get regular, freezer, or snack sized. The packaging possibilities are endless. One of my favorite uses for sandwich bags is with valentines. Like these Dinosaur Valentines.

11. Duck tape

The Mart has a great selection of Duck.tape. We all love Duck tape. There are so many fun projects to make with Duck Tape. A few of my favorite are Duck Tape Rockets, Duck Tape Wallets, and Indoor Hockey with Duck Tape Hockey Sticks.

8. Freezer paper

Oh, freezer paper you versatile beauty you. I have been using freezer paper forever. One of my very first projects to ever appear on this little old blog was a stenciled t-shirt made using freezer paper. Freezer paper is a little miracle. I am sure most of you have heard a little something about freezer paper. You can buy it in the foil and plastic wrap aisle at the grocery store. The roll is giant and is under $6. The stuff lasts forever.

I use it predominately for stenciling on t-shirts, like the Ron Swanson T-shirt. However, I also have used it for home decor, like in these Pillowcase Heart Envelope Throw Pillows and for making gifts like this Grill Themed Father's Day Present.

I also use freezer paper to draft my own patterns, like when I made this Perry the Platypus costume for Bean.

7. Paper Doilies

These paper doilies are fantastic. You can find them in the cake decorating section and they come in all kinds of wonderful sizes. I use these for TONS of things. I have sewn them together to make a banner or two, like part of my Gingham and Burlap Christmas decorations. I have used the big ones in a dessert box. The smaller ones make great embellishments for packages.

They are just so pretty and so super useful. I always have package on hand.

6. Paper Lunch Bags

Who doesn't love a great paper lunch bag. I love them for packaging. LOVE them. I love that I can get them in either white or brown. You can stuff them full. Cut them to make a smaller envelope. Sew on them, tape on them, or tie them up with a ribbon. Seriously it is probably one of the cheapest ways to package treats and goodies.  

My love of paper lunch bags only increased when I figured out I could print on them from the computer, like in these Brownie Points Teacher Valentines. I show you how you can print on a lunch sack HERE.

 5. Paint Sample Cards

Okay, so technically these don't really cost anything. However, make sure you use good manners and don't take too many. There are projects all over Pinterest that use paint sample cards. I like using them mostly for party banners. I gather up several colors and then I just sew them together. I have punched out circles, cut them into strips, or just left them the way they are.

Either way, they are a quick and easy way to make a party decoration, like I did for this Avengers Birthday Party.

4. Spray Paint

No explanation needed. I pretty much will spray paint anything, but abandoned buildings and train cars of course! Walmart has a great supply of spray paint. For basic colors and spray paint Walmart is the cheapest. I have a hard time narrowing down my list of  spray paint projects, because basically I have too many. These Kid Airplane Wings were a fun project. 

3. Canning Jars

I have made in no secret of how much I LOVE canning jars. First and foremost, oh you know I actually can food in them. You know like Pears, Strawberry Lemonade, Homemade Jam, Salsa, and the list goes on.

I also like to use canning jars for oh-so-much more. I have spray painted them. I have stuck on vinyl. I use them for storage. I put treats in them. I bake pies in them. I use them for drinking glasses. Really this list could go on. These Cherry Chocolate Chip No Bake Cheesecakes and most recently this Smart Cookie Teacher Appreciation gift are a few of my favorite jar projects.

The neat thing about canning jars is that they come in so many sizes, shapes, and now even colors. The other day I actually found 1/2 gallon canning jars. Guys, I was so excited I clapped in the aisle. Yes, clapped.

If you are in the market for some canning jars, and frankly how can you not, head on over and grab yourself a couple of cases.  

2. Fabric

Okay, so while this is my number two, and I can not get through a grocery trip with out buying some kind of fabric I will concede that not all Walmart stores carry fabric. They used to, but now only select stores do. So this little tip may not be helpful to all of you.

Man I tell you what, if you live by a store that still carries fabric, stock up. Fabric is not just for sewing. 

Say what?! Are you sure?

Why yes, yes I am.You can throw it over a table. Cut it up and use it as ribbon on gifts. Tie it onto a string and make a banner. 

Fabric in all forms is a major player in my party decorating. Like at this Football Birthday Party

Stock up. Use at your leisure.



1. T-shirts

I make a lot of t-shirts for my boys, and by make I add on to already made shirts. At the price of t-shirts at Walmart it is way cheaper for me to buy a t-shirt and add on a cool graphic than it is to make it completely from scratch.

Walmart carries tons of colors of kids t-shirts. They have crew neck, v neck, short sleeved, and long sleeved. I am obsessed with designing t-shirts and Walmart makes that easier on my budget. They are great quality because they are Hanes T-shirts. 

Whether you use vinyl or fabric paint, you can make a fun and unique t-shirt for your kiddos. Here are a few of my favorite shirts.

Those are just a few of my favorites. I could do a hole post on my favorite t-shirt creations...but this is a post about other stuff so I will refrain.

So there ya have it. My Ten Craft Supplies to Buy at Walmart. I hope you feel enlightened. Sorry if your "grocery" bill starts getting a little bigger. Sorry not sorry. Ha.

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