May 14, 2014

No Sew Father's Day "Best Pop" Banner

Now that the Momma's have been celebrated, the Dad's are up next for their time in the spotlight.

Here is a really easy and fast Father's Day decoration.

Like ridiculously fast. Oh and hey, it is a no sew banner. Win. Win.

A few years ago I threw The Hubs a "Best Pop" popcorn Father's Day party. One of the things I made was this popcorn bag banner.

I bought a pack of popcorn bags from my local party store and then I raided my fabric stash. Put it all together and a no-sew banner is made.

Start with a long piece of yarn. Cut up the fabric in strips. Tie the fabric on. I tied about 7 pieces on to start before I taped...yes I said taped...the first bag to the yarn.

I just repeat the taping and tying until the banner is as long as I want it.

If you want to go with the whole "Best Pop" theme, then you can add some bottled pop and a few bowls of popcorn to the party.

There ya have a fun and easy way to tell your dad he is the "Best Pop" you know.

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