Aug 5, 2014

Family Game Night Basket: Making Time For Family Togetherness

We love family game nights. We love playing games as a family any time day or night. Playing games as a family is one of our favorite ways to spend time together.

Recently we just took our family togetherness outside to play some board games on a blanket. We picked out a few of our favorite board games and put them in our newly made Family Game Night Basket. Made by simply spray painting an old picnic basket.

Then we grabbed some snacks, got cozy, and set up the games.

Family togetherness is so lovely when it is around a board game and without electronics. That is one of the reasons I love playing board games with my little family: just family and no distractions.

Well, there are no bad distractions.

Just cute ones.

And some, "Oh Mom, why are you making that embarrassing face?" distractions.

It has been fun to be on the mom side of playing games as a family. I have so many awesome memories of playing board games as a family when I was a kid. Back then it was loud and rowdy. However, everything was less complicated. When I was growing up we would play games in our pajamas on Sunday morning before church. We would play games on all big family holidays. We played games on the weekend.

There were no cell phones. Heck, we didn't even have a home computer or Internet for the longest time. There were so little distractions. It was glorious.

Nowadays there are so many distractions. There are so many things that get in the way of family togetherness. I want my kids to unplug from all the distractions, i.e. the electronics, and for us to spend time together. I want them to have the same loud and rowdy time I did when I was growing up playing games with my family.

I want them to remember the obnoxious victory dance of a sibling. I want them to remember laughter around the game table. I want them to remember the plastic cars in the game Life and the silver top hat from Monopoly. I want them to know the joy of a Yahtzee and the joy of a victory over everyone else in the family. I want them to know the sweetness of helping a younger sibling "win" by some selfless cheating.

I want to pass on family togetherness through playing games.

Some of the games I played back then might be different from what we play now. Some are the same. Same games or different games, the purpose is all the same. The purpose is to spend time as a family, growing closer, and creating memories.

Turn off the electronics. Shut off the television. Grab some board games, or a card game or two. Gather your family around the table or pack up the games in your Family Game Night Basket, lay out a blanket and take the games outside.

Just enjoy some time together as a family.
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