Sep 5, 2014

Peel Better Soon Get Well Gift Basket

Hi my name is Larissa and I have an addiction to making gift baskets.

True story.

This Get Well Basket idea just kind of popped into my head. I am discovering that I tend to think in play on words. I would play back the conversation I had in my head about this idea, but I am pretty sure it is way more funny in my head.

So I will spare you. Just know that I thought feel better...PEEL better...get well gift basket with bananas and oranges.

That is how the Peel Better Soon get well gift basket was born.

I put a bunch of bananas and some oranges in a basket. Tied it all up pretty like and then I added this simple Peel Better Soon tag.

I made this tag in Picmonkey.

Once this lovely little get well soon basket was all wrapped up, it got dropped off at my friend's who had just had surgery.

Oh gift baskets and play on words, you make me so happy!!

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1 comment:

SStockhoff said...

Clever girl! I heart this.


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