Nov 7, 2014

Left Over Halloween Candy Cookies

Halloween has been over one week. Have your kids eaten all their candy yet? Have you eaten all their candy yet? Do you need a creative way to use all that candy?

Well, I have a smart and not healthy way to get rid of it. Why not put it into some cookies! You know because cookies need candy in them.

So go ahead and gather up some of that excess Halloween candy. I recommend all the chocolate candy. While very delightful on their own, I am thinking Starbursts and Swedish Fish would not taste spectacular in these cookies. So I guess you should go ahead and just eat those.

Once you have gathered up some of the chocolate bars, chop them all up.

I use my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie as the base for this cookie. However, instead of the milk chocolate chips you add in the chopped up Halloween.

Follow all the same directions.

Then when you are done you have these delightfully yummy Halloween Candy Cookies. These are great cookies to hand out to friends and neighbors. I baked up a batch for our school's teachers. I knew they were a hit when one of them posted on my Facebook page how much they loved them.

These cookies are the perfect way to use up that Halloween candy. Trust me!

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1 comment:

SStockhoff said...

Yum! Of course you don't make much/anything I don't love!


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