Jan 30, 2015

Strawberry Jello Glazed Donuts

Oh how I love donuts. Which would reason that I love heart-shaped donuts even more. You know what I love even more than heart-shaped donuts? Strawberry glazed ones.

These Strawberry Jello Glazed donuts are so easy to make and they are ridiculously delicious. Like RIDICULOUS I tell you. They are also kind of perfect for a Valentine's breakfast.

Here is how easy they are to make--

First heat up some oil in a large pan. Then grab yourself a package or two of refrigerated Grands biscuits. Next cut them into heart shapes, or just cut a hole out of the middle. Save the holes for, well you know, donut holes.

To make Jello glaze, mix 1 1/2 cups of powder sugar and half a package of 3 oz strawberry Jello.

Whisk in 4 Tablespoons of milk. Mix until it has a smooth consistency.

Now just fry up the biscuits, aka donuts. Fry them for about 60 seconds on one side then flip. Donuts should be golden brown and cooked through. Drain the donuts on a paper towel.

Put the donuts on a cookie rack with parchment paper beneath. Dip one side of the donut in the glaze. You can then dip the donuts into sprinkles. Plain or with sprinkles they are glorious.

Plus, they are so lovely. Can donuts be lovely? I think so.

There ya have it. Not only are these the easiest, but they also might just be the tastiest donuts. Everything is better in donut form.

Now you can check off your list what you are going to make Valentine's Day for breakfast. Your welcome.

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