Jan 13, 2015

Young Women's Monthly Newsletter Template

For me, pretty much like everyone else, the new year incites a desire to be a little more organized. Or at least to be a little more on the ball. I am currently serving in my church with the youth. I love these girls and I love serving with them. I have served in Young Women's the majority of my adult life. You would think with all the time I have spent serving in this capacity I would always be prepared and on the ball.


One of the things I have always been less than stellar at is providing a monthly calendar for the youth and their parents. This time around instead of a calendar I decided it would be more fun for me to make a newsletter each month. I found a really cute newsletter at Hanging the Ribbon on the Moon. I wanted to make a few design tweaks, so I made my own YW Newsletter Template using Picmonkey.

The template is really easy to customize in Picmonkey. Picmonkey is a free online photo editing program. I tend to go on and on about my love for Picmonkey. If I had to list all of the projects I have used Picmonkey for, well the list would go on and this post would be ridiculously long. So basically, just know I use it for everything.

To customize this template for your own ward, first you need to click on the newsletter above. Save the jpeg to your computer.

Go to Picmonkey and go to the Edit option at the top. Open the newsletter jpeg.

This is what it will look like-

Go to the "T" which is for text.

You can pick whatever texts you want to add in the information. I would suggest using the coordinating fonts, Futura Medium, Geo Sans Light, and Thirsty Script Bold.

First, add in the name of your ward above the Young Women title. I used Futura Medium at size 170.

I used Geo Sans Light size 70 for the date/activity. Stretch the text box to fit the calendar space and then type in the information.

 I also put the month at the top of the calendar box (using Thirsty Script Bold, size 100).

I used Geo Sans Light for all of the rest of the information. I used separate text boxes for all of the individual areas. The font sized varied depending on how much information I needed to fit in the spaces.

I know I am not showing your an actual finished newsletter, but since my newsletter has names and information about my girls I didn't want to share that with the whole world.

Once my newsletter was all done I emailed it to all of the parents. I even got a few compliments on the cuteness of this fun newsletter. I hope you find this template useful and that your world just bursts with cute newsletters.

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SStockhoff said...

Okay so funny timing, Dad and I are talking about a family newsletter! Now let's see if I can follow your directions. I am betting that you will just have to help me. I have missed your blog. Love you tons.


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