Mar 6, 2015

Game Night Snack Station

A few weeks ago we had a Family Game Night and had a rousing game of Monopoly Plus on the Hasbro Game Channel the destination for family game entertainment on the leading game consoles.

Family game nights are fun and we love them. We also love having game nights with just adults. We make a big party of it by inviting over several other couples.

When you have a game night, treats are an absolute must.

Now at our parties we can show off our treats in style with this super cute Snack Station.

Hasbro Game Channel also has a kick butt Trivial Pursuit game, Trivial Pursuit Live.

Remember the traditional Trivial Pursuit game? Remember those little pie pieces. Man it was intense to try and collect all those pieces. Growing up we played this game all the time. There were the questions in some categories that I could answer no problem. Then there were others that I would avoid until I absolutely had to.

Once I was married, The Hubs and I used to take the Trivial Pursuit cards with us on long car trips to see who was smarter.As we went back and for answering questions we nibbled away on our car trip treats.

We have come along with our Trivial Pursuit playing and our treat eating.

Now we have Trivial Pursuit Live on the Hasbro Game Channel. In Trivial Pursuit Live, trivia fans get to test their wits in a new take on such a well-known trivia game. Trivial Pursuit Live transforms the classic game into a TV show setting. There is customizable game lengths and a variety of game rounds and rules to keep the players guessing.

Since the game is better, the treats need to be better, more varied, and much cuter.

I used the oh-so-popular IKEA Raskog cart. This cart is perfect for holding drinks, snacks, and candy. I applied vinyl words to the front of the carts so that the game night players could easily find any treat they need.

This cart can just be rolled out in the middle of the room while everyone is getting their Trivial Pursuit on. Answer a question right, grab a snack. Answer a question wrong, get a snack.

 Any side you are on you can grab a snack.

Now, excuse me as I go and gather some friends, some treats, and we see just who is the smartest of all the smarties in Trivial Pursuit Live.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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SStockhoff said...

This is so cool! I can't wait to come visit and play games. I request Diet Pepsi and chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate! 😍👏


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