Jan 30, 2008

Hail the Conquering Wussy

I am sure it is not a secret that I am not the bravest person in the world. Yesterday afternoon, I surpressed that scaredy cat all in the name of love.

For Spencer's birthday he had asked to see I am Legend, because I loved him I said sure...but the day came and after dinner I found convienent excuses to get home without seeing the movie. I explained to him that Andy and Melissa would be here for Christmas and they could watch the kids while we went during the day. Well, their visit came and the planned date day came and then passed with me finding again more excuses not to go. It didn't help that Andy had told me that I would be significantly scared and that Melissa had hit him several times during the movie because it had been so scary.

Spencer was pretty bummed, and I am sure you can imagine I took quite a teasing about bailing on him. Well, I remedied all of this yesterday. I had planned a surprise date for Spencer during the day. I had called his work and got them to schedule a 4 hour teleconference so that I could come and kidnap him. And because I am a pretty awesome wife I took him to see a pretty stinking scary movie.

Good news is, I live to tell the tale, and I kept my promise to go see a movie that just the thought of made me all queasy. Plus no nightmares, so yeah. Oh and ps, the movie wasn't as bad as it could have been. Although I did have my eyes close for quite a bit of it. Next I think that Spencer should take me to 27 dresses...it is my turn.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree! I want to go see 27 Dresses too! Plus, that movie is more up my alley. Glad you made it though!

tara said...

i saw it too buddy. we should form some sort of support group or something. sma-scary movies anonymous. by the way, 27 dresses rules. you should totally fly out here and i'll take you. wouldn't that be great?

Nyree said...

Larissa! I am so excited to get in touch with you! Yay!!! Your boys are super cute. Cole has grown so much and still absolutely adorable, might I say, and his brother is following in his footsteps. Hope everything is going well. -Nyree


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