Jan 17, 2008

I Am Out of Control

I realize that I haven't even had this blog up for that long and I have already changed the background. Besides my obsession with making this thing scraptastic, I also realized that it was awfully hard to read all of the posts. So, I redid our template, and now it is cute and readable. I also added a special Cole and Jack section, in case you were wondering if I was obsessed with my kids enough. For now it just has a Cole spot, but soon we will add Jack.

In case any of you are wondering how I got the template to look this way...first of all my sister-in-law Melissa guided me through it. Second, I got the "paper" from a site www.shabbyprincess.com. It is a digital scrapbooking site that lets you download free paper packets. It is pretty stinking cool, and I hope to start trying to digitial scrapbook as well.

Also, thanks for all the posts. I love knowing you are checking in.


Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Riss, It looks great and I think you did an awesome job. You are right, its alot more readable! You are addicted already! I knew you would be :)

Amy said...

Lauren was pretty excited to see a picture of Cole on the computer. When I asked her what she wanted to say to Cole she said "um, tell him 'SUPRISE'" So there you go. The blog is super cute!

greg stockhoff said...

I knew you'd be hooked as soon as you started a blog. It really is just another way for you to scrapbook. love you sis!


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