Jan 20, 2008

My First Haircut


After...awe you can see his eyes now

More after...new haircuts are funny!

No not Jack's first haircut, but my first time doing a haircut on one of my boys. I never really worried about doing Cole's because when it was curly I just let it get all surfer boy. I wouldn't even touch Spencer's because I don't think that I could use that buzzer thing and I am not sure that he would look good with just a complete buzz.

Jack is another story. I tried to let his hair get all wild, just hoping to see that familiar curl...but alas the curl never really came. He just looked like a wild bruiser. However, I couldn't justify taking him to a stylist and paying $10 to cut his wispies. So I dediced this morning in a fit of inpatience to grab my scrapbooking scissors (yeah I know really professional) and go for it.

It was one test of patience. One because Jack is not as docile as Cole and wasn't going to just sit there and take it. I had to rotate different distractions. He got to play with my cell phone, then my ipod, an extra comb with water, a dvd, the tv remote...basically everything he normally wouldn't get to play with.

After about 40 minutes it was done...yes that is how long it took. AND you can't look too close because the front was the last part and I found out that it is hard to cut someones head when they are shaking it back and forth.
So I am sharing my work with you...by chance Siobhan if you look at this you can't judge me!


Melanie said...

I know your pain. I am now a haircutting wife and mommy myself. With four boys (Rob included) I found the idea of paying someone to do it ridiculous. The first few times are a little rough but it gets better (except for the time I forgot about Rob's widows peak and chopped it clean off...oops). You did a fantastic job! What a cute boy!

Dave Dyk said...

Wow! I am impressed with your mad hair cutting skills! I have tried to trim Jonah's hair a few times and it never looks that good. AND he looks happy afterward. Way to go!


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