Mar 4, 2008

Crash and Burn

So funny involves me, mud, ice, a double jogging stroller, and a combine 60 pound weight of my kids.

It has been wretched weather here and that makes outside jogging with kids not very possible. I have way too cooped up with inside exercising. Well on Saturday it was projected that Monday would be in the mid 60's. AHH sweet relief. Right away I started making plans to take the boys out in this double jogging stroller that I had bought from a friend. I bought it a couple of weeks ago, so I hadn't had time to try it out. She had told me that the front tire was a little low and had given me a new inner tube for it. Well Monday morning rolls around and I tromp down to the basement to get it, check the front tire and it seems fine to me, so I break the beast down to fit in my car and tromp back up to put it in said car.

Cole was so excited, and he had picked out a couple of books the boys could read while I was on my run. We pack up the car and drive to a local state park that had a jogging trail that I like to use. Once there I unload the boys, strap them in, get my ipod all ready and start huffin' toward the trail. It was only once I had set stroller and foot on the trail that I suddenly remembered, "oh wait this trial is all dirt, so melted snow and day old rain make mud!" So yeah, I realized I was going to be not only jogging in mud, but pushing a massive stroller with 60 pounds of children in it. Not even a minute into I was having a hard time keeping the stroller on a straight path, and my arms were dying from pushing the thing through mud.

But did I give up? PSHAW! Not you know me at all? I figured the boys were happy, and i have my tunes blaring, plus this way I will just get a double workout. About a mile into it, it wasn't getting any easier because now I was hitting spots were the trees were shading the path and the snow had only partially melted and then yes I was basically ice skating in running shoes, oh and still pushing 60 pounds. Did I give up then...again no!

Accepting the difficulties I decided to plan out a new route. I decided that I was going to cut out the back 1 1/2 mile loop, turn around and then cut through a park and hit a paved road that runs through the actual park...where I might add everyone else was running. Relieved with my decision I turn around and headed toward the path leading to the road. Not more than 10 steps into it I hit another patch of ice...this one got the better of me. YEP that is right I completely biffed it. I went down pulling the stroller backward (probably scaring the pee out of my kids), of course right in front of this guys, who did not offer sympathy or help, just laughed (I know nice!).

I pop right back up, now covered in mud, water, and bruises. Did I stop now, yeah no, I mean I had to get back didn't I, so I might as well have just run it back. But now I encountered a couple of problems with stroller. My fall had popped a bar out of place, so the boys were now laying backwards instead of sitting, don't worry I fixed it. Then I had to give Jack my cell phone to play with so he would stop screaming. Then the front wheel would not run straight. It kept pulling to the right, so I had to use all the strength in the left side of my body to keep it straight. Yes I am still running at this point, but now to add well injury to injury, my shins keep hitting a bar at the back of the stroller while I run so now I can feel extra bruises coming to life.

Eventually I make it back to the car. A little deflated from my earlier joy at an outdoor run. I hurt and I am dirty. But it was all kept in perspective when Cole hopped out of the stroller and said, "Momma that was fun!" And ya know what, I guess it kind of was.


Nyree said...

Oh my goodness! That is pretty darn crappy .. if I say so myself! I would have started crying! Seriously. I had an incidence like that but it was on a bike ride to the Lavell Edwards Stadium to see the fireworks. we were on that little bike path by riverwoods, it was drak, I was pulling the bike trailer and I hit a huge stick that go caught in my spokes... you can imagine what happened. At least my hubby was there and there was no snow! But I still felt like bawling!(my kids thought it was funny too) Anyway.. what I am saying is that you are totally awesome for not giving up! That would have totally sucked to biff in those conditions! And yeah.. those guys are totally rude!

Dave Dyk said...

I'm kind of embarassed to admit this, but your story really got me laughing. I do hope you are alright and that nothing of the sort happens to you again. I also hope it is okay to say this... thanks for sharing. Your story is a reminder that we moms all have our 'crash and burn' days even when our intentions are good. Keep your head up. Your kids and myself think you are great!

Mindy and Benjamin said...

You are seriously wonderwoman. Nice work Riss.

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Rissa, that is a pretty awesome story. You are a trooper, pretty sure I would have stopped before I started. I should be more like you, determined! Love ya!

The Clegg Family said...

I just have to say that you have the cutest little boys! Adorable. Keep up the good work!

Stockhoff Family said...

You are my hero, my darling daughter. I got my laugh on for the day now if I could just get my excersising on too. You are one of the best moms!!!


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