Jun 8, 2009

Berry Picking--A Jammin' Good Time

This last Saturday we went strawberry picking. This is the second year we have gone. While we still got a decent amount of berries this year, last year was a lot better. Last year we could just pluck ginormous red berries right of the plants. The boys had juice dripping from their chins. This year, we barely picked enough to make jam. The berries were few and the size was mostly miniature. I think the boys only had one or two each. BUT we still had a really good time. It is quickly becoming a great family memory.

After the wonder of berry picking, comes the utter delightment (yes that is totally a word) of jam. Of course the cutting, cleaning, mashing, and making of the jam is not always delightful work, but after the trail of our labors comes the JAM. Mmmm....yummy.

So now we have our year supply of freezer jam. Now as Spencer keeps reminding me...all we need is some warm homemade bread to slather said jam on. I'll get around to it eventually.


Keri said...

what a fun family tradition. Our garden is finally starting to grow strawberry's. there nothing like fresh of the plant strawberries. How about we do a swap sometime with our recipes. I can give yu an easy yet scrumptious homemade bread recipe and you can give me your jam recipe. ive always wanted to make jam. I so glad your starting to adjust and get back into your groove. Youre boys are beautiful.

Dave Dyk said...

What adorable pictures, especially the great family one! I love the background... definitely frame worthy. :)
Sounds like a super fun tradition too! You are right; it sounds like a good time for making strawberry jam! Yum!

Corey and Jenessa said...

mmm...I'm hungry!

Michelle said...

I love the pictures! Case gets cuter and cuter every time I see him! :)


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