Jun 23, 2009

Can I Get Some Fries with That Shake

Here was my fun project this weekend. I found it on bakerella and thought how cute would this be to make. She put hers together for Father's Day. I didn't think that I really should make 24 of these delightful dessert hamburgers just for us...so I was just waiting for a perfect excuse to make them. The perfect excuse came in a going away potluck for the previously mentioned Seavers.

I was going to post my step by step process of making these, but it felt a little copy cat-ish of bakerella's wonderful how-to. SO if you would like the how-to go here. I did a couple of things different that I will divulge.

First- I made my brownies in a jelly roll pan and had to use two mixes (I do not know how she did just one). I don't have a circle cutter, so I found my kids smallest sippy cup and used that to cut out my burger patties.

Second- The french fries I made pretty much the same way BUT in cutting them in half I found it easiest to do that before they cooled all the way. Give them only about 5-7 minutes out of the oven then cut with a pizza cutter. Then let them continue to cool on tray.

Third- The templates she offers for the trays/fry holder/tissue paper is awesome...BUT I don't have vellum on hand AND I especially don't have tracing paper on hand. So if you do, go for it. However if you don't then white printer paper works just dandy for the fry holder, and the whole ensemble is cute even without the tracing paper.

So there ya have it...a cute little dessert that will have everyone in awe. It really wasn't too difficult. The boys had fun watching me make them AND they couldn't wait to try one. Cole has already decided that this is what he wants to take to kindergarten for his birthday treat.


Keri said...

Thats a cute idea. Im gonna have to try that. I love making creative foods. Now i just need to find the energy and time to do so. I commend you for putting time aside your busy life and doing something fun and creative. It seems just as I got adjusted to having a third baby that baby decides to start walking and throwing tantrums and now my whole world is being turned upside down. This is the perfect little food craft that I can do to get the kids involved and have some fun. thanks

Holly Wilcox said...

I've decided that blogger needs an "I like it" button like facebook. It would make it much easier to tell you that I love everything you do.

V and Co. said...

i'm in yw (secretary)
and you are welcome for the super informative 101 on spray painting.
i know you were holding your breath for that one.

Mindy and Benjamin said...

again, you are just too much riss. so cute!

mamagale said...

Hey Larissa--someone from the Stockhoff Family left a comment on my blog asking for contact info. I couldn't get through to any email to give it to them. Will you tell them they can email me on my blog and I would love to exchange info. If any of you are in the San Diego area come and see us! JoAnna

The Brugger Bunch said...

What a FUN idea! I LOVE IT!


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