Jun 15, 2009

Creative Sanity Break- A Tiny Before and After

Without creative breaks I would go insane. Now I haven't had too many of them recently due to, well funds and one more cutie patootie. Today I put my hypothetical foot down and made some time to do a couple of tiny things.

I have had a white shelf in my bathroom with only a mirror on it for way too long. I just could never find anything I liked to go on it. Then while perusing my lovely friends blog (will send you to her blog later in the post) I found a great idea using cheap ceramic birds and glorious spray paint. That was weeks ago.

I found the birds (and vase) at Michael's on clearance. All I needed was some white spray paint and a sunny day to use said paint. That was today baby!

Here is my tiny before and after:



Not too shabby. I also started another project with spray paint...which is not quite ready for reveal...BUT I stole and morphed this idea and this idea from my friend Vanessa of V & Co. Are you excited...you should be.


V and Co. said...

love how those little birds turned out and i can't wait to see what you are going to do next! ;)

Holly Wilcox said...

I love it! It feels good to be creative again, huh.

I too have been searching for little birds since I saw them on V's blog.
I even went to good will today and found a cute one- for 50 cents, but it was connected to a big bell. I'll keep searching.

I want to do Elanor's bathroom in bird houses and birds. I have a white shelf waiting for one too. Thanks for the inspiration.

tara said...

do i even have to comment? i mean seriously. so, i decided that you need to teach me how to take pictures when i see you in august. you know i'm seeing you in august right?
i really like to take pictures and i took a lame class in high school that apparently taught me nothing because my pictures all suck except for the fact that there are cute kids in them.
anywho, please, don't worry your cute little noggin about not calling. we're both a little retarded when it comes to the phone. i do appreciate our random, once in a blue moon texts, however, so keep those comin...
love ya buddy


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