Aug 12, 2009

Can I Be Like You When I Grow Up?

I love the blogging world for many reason. I love that I can have an online journal. I love that I can keep in the know with my friends. I love that I can share/get great ideas. I love seeing how really creative women spend their time.

I might also envy quite a few of these awesome individuals...which leads me to a little bit of blog stalking.

Here are three new sites that I pretty much adore.

Sensibly Styled - A site that puts together some really cute modest outfits AND then tells you where you can buy them.

Made - super cute sewing site

My Food Storage Deals - pretty self explanatory

I am only 20% jealous that these woman have managed to put together a blog that is is so useful and allows them to share their talents. Some day I too will grow up and get my creative blog on to get a main stream following and become a guru in to look good in your pjs all day maybe?


tara said...

we must have been on the same page. my latest entry is about growing up and actually working gearing my blog/life to a common goal of bettering myself...and fyi you are already super stylish, creative, and chock full of enviable ideas. i'm not saying this stuff either. you already know that i've basically wanted to be you for years. i'm sure there are others like me everywhere!

Holly Wilcox said...

Thanks! You always find the good stuff. Your blog is pretty cool too.

Kinsey Pistorius said...

Larissa, tell Spencer that when we drove through Indiana I totally thought about how much closer I was to Ohio and where y'all live. We've got to figure out a way to drive through there somehow someway because I've still never been up in that area! Can't believe we were only 3 hours away from you all - too bad Milwaukee was more west and not east!

Stockhoff Family said...

Hello, not sure where all this talent you have came from but you are AMAZING!!!! lOVE YOU MOM


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