Aug 26, 2009

Tutorial Hesitation

Why the hesitation:

no one cares
not as creatively cool as I think I am...and someone is going to tell me
this wasn't a Larissa original idea
it is too simple of an idea
should I really show it here or start a craft/project blog already
everyone already knows how to do it
and last...
because I am a big chicken and never want to take new chances

So with one last "cluck", I have decided to say good bye to Larissa the Hen and and usher in the era of Larissa the Conquer of her fears. So with a deep breath (and hopefully some applause from those who know me best), I give you the
Pebble Magnet Tutorial

Material List:

glass craft/vase rocks
pieces of super cute scrap paper
disk magnets
Modge Podge


glue gun
paint brush

Have materials? Let's get started!

Turn the piece of paper you are using over so there are no pencil marks on the pretty side. You will have to trace out each pebble you are going to use separately as they are all different sizes. I suggest you number as you go and leave the pebbles in a row with coordinating numbers. Each pebble has a flat side and rounded side, trace flat side a little smaller than actual pebble. After you are all done, cut out and place with matching pebble.

Take out handy dandy Modge Podge. With craft brush, apply thin coat to the right side of one cut out.

Adhere paper to matching pebble, adjust so it fits best. Then press and hold making sure the glue holds. Then repeat on however many you have.

When all of your pebbles are Modge-Podged, get out your faithful glue gun. Then glue on each magnet directly to the back of your newly paper-covered pebble. I know people who also apply a thin layer of Modge Podge to the back before gluing the magnet on. I find this step unnecessary. The paper will stay on just as well without it.

Guess what! Now you are done! Find yourself a cute magnet board or head to the fridge (no not for a snack...although nothing like a congratulatory treat after finishing a craft) and start putting these babies up.

Say good bye to ugly fridge magnets. Your pictures, kids' art work, and to-do list will be thanking you.
PS. I thank you too for indulging this crafting mommy's tutorial debut.


The Gilbert Family said...

I love those magnets. My mom made a bunch for christmas with everyone's picture. They are super cute and much better looking than the utilitarian black magnets

V and Co. said...

too cute and good job on your first tutorial! ;)
i just got your email i've been gone at school. will read it and write back soon later today!

Mindy and Benjamin said...

well, i totally didn't know how to make these. but i am a little domestically challenged...thanks for the tutorial. i will have to try this out one day when i am not feeling lazy. hm...wonder it that will happen.

Jessica said...

It's genious! Thanks for the tutorial. I think i'll suggest these for super saturday.
ps. i know how you feel, in regards to worrying about what everyone else will think. I hadn't even seen these before, so 2 big thumbs up from me

Dave Dyk said...

What a fun project! I love it!

Natalie said...

I think this is pretty much one of the finest tutorials I've ever seen... I only have one complaint. You didn't use my hand picture. I had my heart set on being a hand model, and you have totally crushed my dreams. I heart you lady.

ColleenandKendra said...

You are funny....let me address one concern: who cares if someone already knows how to do it? The rest are just silly because you are so creative and innovative. I love these; I've been gifted with them by you!

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

I still use the magnets you made us last year for Christmas. Very cute.

Stockhoff Family said...

Okay seriously, yesterday I was looking at one of the ones you gave me trying to figure out how to make more!!! I am not kidding here. Love you tons and great job. Love MOM

Michelle said...

I love it! I want to make some!


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