Aug 20, 2009

Recipe Thursdays

I am getting rid of my "recipe box" here in the blog. I was super ambitious when I thought I could keep up on three recipe blogs. Seriously, what was I thinking. So they are gone. In their place is Recipe Thursdays. I know you are probably jumping up and down with excitement.
First installment is an easy and sinful one. A couple months ago I came across the idea of doing a cookie dough cupcake (yes I drooled a little bit the first time I heard it too). As Spencer and I were deciding what event we could use as an excuse to make these, he piped up, "hey don't you think it would be better if it were cookie dough in a brownie instead?" Bells went off, the heavens sang, and it was reaffirmed why I married this man. Brownies and cookie dough...PERFECT!
So here is an easy pretty much recipe free sweet treat. Enjoy.
Cookie Dough Meet Brownie

1 batch of your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe
1 box mix of your favorite ooey gooey brownie (Use 2 mixes if you want to use all of your cookie dough for this)
Prepared cream cheese frosting (store or yours)
Chocolate chips
1. Make cookie dough. Roll into small balls and then freeze. Let freeze for several hours. You will need the dough really frozen in order to still have dough consistency in brownie. If you do not let it freeze enough you will have a dry cookie center instead of lucious gooeyness.
2. When dough has been frozen long enough, prepare brownie mix. Spray a cupcake tin generously. You could use liners, but it is prettier with out. Fill each cupcake mold about a third. Take out cookie dough balls and put them in the center of each cupcake. Use the rest of the batter to cover up each cookie dough ball. The ball shape will still be visible. Just play with it so that it is as covered up as you can get it.
3. Bake at recommended temperature for brownies. Since you are cooking brownie cupcakes and not bar brownies, the cooking time will vary from the instructions. Use the smallest time suggestion...but watch them. If you over bake your brownie...well first you have an over baked brownie and who wants that...second you have a dry cookie center. Nobody wants that.
4. Let cool. Feel free to add to the sugary delight with a cream cheese frosting garnish with some whole or shaved milk chocolate chips.
5. Put the kids to bed, find a happy place, and fell no shame as you devour 1...okay maybe 2 of these delightful babies.


Darcy said...

Wow, I know I'm salivating! You guys are geniuses!! Keep up the good work with creative "baked goods".

Celeste said...

Oh Larissa, I want to kiss you! (Well not literally) Yummy! I'm going to try it. I'll blame you if I gain 10 lbs. though. Jk. I love new recipes! Thanks

Shad & Brenda said...

Ohhh, these sound sinful!!! I've got to try them!

ColleenandKendra said...

I'm going to make these for a team mate's birthday in a week or so! Thanks for sharing your brilliance!


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