Jan 28, 2010

Valentine How-to #3: XOXO Pillow, and something else I Love

Did I really say this would be posted yesterday??? So I fibbed a little. Truth be told wee one has another double ear infection so he took priority.

Here is my last Valentine Pillow How-to (at least for now...I have some other really cute ones in production)- XOXO Pillow


1 1/2 yards of valentiney color felt
1/4 yard of white felt
"X" and "O" printed out and then cut out for a stencil again I used Pupcat
coordinating thread
poly fiber fill

Cut out two (or four if you are making more than one) 17x17 squares from valentine felt.

Using letter stencils, trace (backwards) letters onto white felt. Cut out letters

Place letters in center of one of the valentiney squares in XOXO pattern. Pin on.

Outline letters by sewing with white thread.

Pin your XOXO square, right side facing, to your other square. Sew around edge with 1/4 seam, allowing a 4-5 inch opening at the bottom of the pillow for stuffing.

Turn pillow out and stuff with fiber fill. Then hand sew the opening closed.

XOXO pillow completed.

Now add this lovely pillow to the other and welcome this sweetheart of a conversation starter...case in point, this was overheard in my house...

Oldest Little Man to Middle Little Man: "Do you know what XOXO means? It means that girls want to kiss you."

I would also like to give a thank you to Lorie from Be Different Act Normal for my lovely shout out on her blog for my Vday Pillows.

On to something else I Love...

Quick, easy, and cheap kid friendly meals, yes that is right I did not forget it is also Recipe Thursday.

In the last year we have become a couponing kind of family. While this is frugal and food storage friendly, it has not always been meal planning friendly. Sometimes I find myself staring, dumbfounded in the fridge at what I have stuck myself with...20 things of yogurt...crescent rolls...egg beaters...grands biscuits...juice....spaghetti sauce...you get the point.

Well yesterday, I stared into the dark abiss of my fridge but it did not suck me in, no my friends I came out victorious! I give you...

budget friendly
Pizzas for the Kiddos

Grands Biscuits
spaghetti sauce
Italian cheese blend
shredded parmesan cheese
1 Tb butter
mixture of garlic salt and Italian seasoning
add any other topping your kids like...my kids only like cheese

Preheat oven to 400. Take each biscuit flatten, stretch, and make a pizza "crust", and place on cooking sheet.

Watch out for little ones who like to steal dough and make it into balls.

Place a spoonful of sauce and spread in middle of each crust. Sprinkle with cheeses.

Melt butter. Sprinkle in garlic salt and Italian season to taste.

Brush butter mixture over the crusts of the mini pizzas.

Bake in oven for 10-12 minutes, or until cheese is bubbly and crust is golden. Serve and watch them disappear.


Abbie said...

Very cute crafts and ANOTHER great meal idea! We just ate the Asian Lettuce Wraps last night and the hubby was a huge fan. These pizzas look great and will definitely go on the list of things to try.

Stockhoff Family said...

Looks splendid sister, and may I remind you that you need to sleep somewhere along the way. We love you and give all those boys (including the big one) a hug from us!


Dave Dyk said...

Love all your valentine's day decorations. I'm totally trying those pizzas too!

V and Co. said...

shut up i love that polka dot pillow so much i may just have to do that! like yesterday.

Melissa said...

Just found your blog. Seriously loving it. Thanks for a great post!


chrystal said...

i love this lunch idea ... going to have to give it a try tomorrow!! & here is a funny question for you ... i have been on the look-out for lunch trays like the one you have at the end of your post but havent had any luck. Where did you find yours, if you dont mind my asking :)


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