Jan 22, 2010

Valentine How-to = Easy Weekend Project

Start with-
generic wood letters that will stand by themselves, I got mine at walmart for $1.97 a piece
smooth styrofoam balls in varying sizes, can buy in floral dept of most craft stores
2 valentiney colors of acrylic paint

find your foam brushes...you know you have about 50
something to stabilize the balls as you let them dry...I used canning rings

Start a' painting. I painted my letters in one uniform color. The letters will take at least two coats.

Paint the balls varying colors. I was using mine for a clear vase like container, but they can be used in a bowl too. These are tricky to paint. You will have to paint them in stages. Start by painting about 2/3, basically anywhere you can't hold. Let dry in a stable place, here is where my canning rings came in. This kind of paint drys really quickly. Apply a second to third coat on the 2/3. Once that is dry and has the coverage you want, paint the remaining 1/3 with equal coats. Let dry.

While you are searching for you canning rings, grab a couple of jars. I used my small ones. Then rummage for the three bags of cheap valentines day candy you bought and know you shouldn't eat (at least all of it), and put it into your jars.

Now everything is dry and can be put together on your favorite shelf.

Haha love birds...get it...

Valentine Balls

Sweet Display

There ya have it. With just an hour (okay and maybe a trip to the craft store...but you know you wanted to go anyway) you can have a cheap and sweet Valentine's Day display. Go to it!!


Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Very cute!

Dave Dyk said...

What a fun and cute idea! Love those love birds too!

Celeste said...

And you think you couldn't knit! Your amazing Larissa! (Maybe you know you could knit, you just wouldn't want to! I think I'm crazy for wanting too:)


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