Apr 13, 2010

The Best Medicine

Yep. I got the bug. I am sick. Ugh. The movie theater drama lives on.

The best medicine besides my hubby staying home to take care of the little men...

is being given a little party shout on from Leigh Ann from Your Homebased Parties.

Remember this--

She highlighted this whole little carnival. 

You should go stop by today and see the great post she did. Tell her how amazing I am and how much you love me how great her site is. Then you should browse around and see the other great party ideas she has. 

PLUS she has another awesome site called Your Homebased Mom where she has tons of fun stuff AND the best part is all the recipes...

                                                         Lemon Crumb Cake

                                                         Hamburgers Teriyaki

                                                         Seasoned Potato Wedges  

                        Cowboy Calzones

             Key Lime Pie Bars

See what I mean. Good enough that I could even post their pictures in the midst of a tummy sickness. I look forward to feeling better and whipping some of these recipes up.

Now I sleep, yes and it is noon.


Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

Great party Larissa - fabulous job. I adore the cake - super cute! The carnival theme is dar to my heart...can't get enough of it! Thanks for sharing - Hope you are enjoying your week!

Karen said...

I will be happy to say how amazing you are and how much I love you! Most of the time when I read your blog I am just filled with admiration and wonder. You inspire and exhaust me. When I grow up maybe I can be like you.

Stockhoff Family said...

Makes me want to cook all day long!!! Good thing I don't cause eating all day long would follow!


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