May 8, 2010

A Hilarious Mommy Moment

Does anyone else have days that leave them worn out, defeated, cried out, and thinking that you must be the worst mother ever? I have had a couple of these kind of days recently...I find it ironic that they are happening right before the holiday that is supposed to celebrate the very act of mothering!

I also find that whenever I feel like that, the little characters in my life will provide me with a reminder of how great it is to be a mom. Whether that be through a little act of sweetness or a good old belly laugh moment.

Here is a recent belly laugh moment that I was much in need of...

Enter oldest little man

and his rowdy sidekick, little man #2

These two LOVE to play "car make scavenger hunt"...aka they like to look for and call out all different kinds of cars.

While I am driving I often hear, "Honda", "Toyota", "Ford"

As we go through the parking lot, it is the same story.

The other day we were walking from the car into the grocery store and the car spotting began.

Oldest Little Man- "Honda"

#2 Little Man- "There's a Toyota"

Hubby and I are only kind of paying attention at this point

Oldest Lilttle Man- "Hey a Jay-Sus"

Here Hubby and I stop. Both of us simultaneously saying 

"a what?"

To which Oldest Little Man points to this..

and says "a Jay-Sus"

After quickly stopping the laughter that automatically came out of both of us, we gently corrected him...also reminding him that he knew what that word was...then shamelessly we both continued to laugh. 

Our two little men continued to call out other car names the rest of the way, oblivious to how much it had just made our day.

It is pretty great to be a mom.


Jen said...

haha, that's really funny. I miss that kid!

Unknown said...

I hope you have better days ahead. Happy mother's day!


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