May 20, 2010

Who's In Charge Around Here?

Most of the time I like to think it is me, the mother, the wife, the wise and mature one.

Yesterday I thought wrong.

Yesterday he was in charge.

and he KNEW it.

I am pretty sure this is what he wanted to say-
"What mom, you think you are in charge of me? Well jokes on you, 'cause I am the one with the control"

"Oooh BURN"


Natalie said...

Shut your mouth... I need that second picture. I sure love your babies Lady. Oh, and I guess I love you too :)
The coolest sister ever,

Jenny said...

most hilarious pictues ever! Seriously...did you ever even think you were in charge? He's got you whipped lady!

Kinsey Pistorius said...


Celeste said...

Oh my gosh! I love this age. He makes faces just like my Jenna. How can you resist that adorableness? I don't want Jenna to grow up. Then it's not cute when they say "NO!" Enjoy that sweet boy!

Tausha said...

I just found your blog and I am thrilled that you do. Not only is your little guy darling-but I am loving your blog. You have some fabulous ideas! So glad that I get to come back and visit again and again and again....
Please, stop by sometime and visit! love meeting new people!
Happy Weekend!!

Keri said...

How adorable. seriously and oh how I can relate. I remember thinking it was hard having two small kids and one newborn, I knew nothing till that newborn grew a few inches and became part of the circus himself. Thats when the real fun begins huh!. Glad youre able to luagh it off and enjoy these short littlemoments with him. for soon they grow up as you know and you will surely miss this little newly toddler stage. Just precious. Thanks for you comment on my page. Just recently Larissa I have felt so scattered with the boys being so active and crazy and i guess ive felt a little lost in the chaos. Its been so nice to really make time to sit and ponder and do take more time out for the kiddos and be still. when my soul is still I in return can handle the choas around me a lot better. if we lived closer it would be fun to do Mommy Temple Days wouldnt it. it sure is a great spiritual boost in the midts or raising a bunch of little ones. Hopefully you can get there more often too. its wonderful. its agreat goal.


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