Jun 24, 2010

Hey I Can Do That...T-shirt Hat

This was originally shown as a tutorial by At Second Street for Ucreate. 

I stashed the tutorial away, along with a couple of hubby's old shirts. It just took me a month of giving myself several peptalks... "you can do it", "it will turn out", "you can use math", blah, blah, blah.

Today I got 'er done. YAY!

Funny thing this was supposed to be for Littlest Little Man, but the "you can use math" hit a glitch and it ended up fitting perfectly for Middle Little Man.

I totally recommend trying this. I have plans for some more hats this weekend. My favorite part was finding a t-shirt that had a print already on it so that I didn't have to spend the extra time to embellish it.

So today I found out "Hey I can Do That!"

Mmmm what shall I try next??? Any suggestions?

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Rebecca Hunt said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I have been trying to find a crafty blog that I would actually TRY the things on there. Your blog has SOO many fun things that I seriously cannot wait to try. I'm going to start the felt food for my little girlie for Christmas. I know, early... but I want something to do :) Anyway, other than the breakfast of champions pattern, do you have any more patterns that you could either put up or send me in an email?? Let me know. My email is huntrebecca20@yahoo.com


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