Jul 6, 2010

Display Gift with MaryJanes and Galoshes

Today we have the marvelous Taylor. I am excited to show you her tutorial and idea.
Take a gander at her project--

Hello Just Another Day in Paradise readers! I'm Taylor, the writer and artist of MaryJanes and Galoshes. I was so excited when Larissa invited me to be party of Christmas in July as I'm actually in the midst of planning my extended families "Christmas in August" (July was just too busy for us!). So talk of Christmas is a daily thing with me right now.

A big part of the holiday season for a lot of us crafters is display. Whether it be in your home or at a craft show, display pieces can be easy to make if you think outside the box a bit. Today I thought I would share a display I made for a show I did last weekend that when not at a show I'm using to display photos, then eventually Christmas cards! You won't believe what it's made out of!

What you need-
Candle stick holder
Plastic plate
Inside of embroidery hoop (needs to be about the same size as your plate)
Hot glue gun
Bulldog clips

Pretty crazy list of supplies right?! Wait until you see how perfect it all works out and how easily it comes together!

The first thing I did was take my plastic plate, turn it upside down and hot glue the burlap to cover the plate. Then trim around the edge.

 Cut a strip of fabric 1.5 times the circumference of your plate by 2.5 inches wide. I ended up having to use two strips to get that 1.5 times length so don't be afraid to piece things together if you need. to.  With your hot glue gun, glue and tuck your way around the outside creating ruffles.

Flip the whole thing over.  With your drill (I used a 1/8 inch bit) drill a hole every few inches around the outside edge of the plate.

Cut a slit in your fabric at each hole.  With a bit of ribbon, secure your embroidery hoop to the burlap side of your plate by threading some ribbon through the hole, around the hoop, then back down and tie in a knot on the underside.

Almost done! Grab your candle stick, fill the top (the part where you would stick the candle) with silicone and press the plate (plastic exposed side) into the silicone.  Allow to dry overnight before hanging anything on it.  You can now use the bulldog clips around the top edge to secure cards or photos.  Or you can hang your earrings on it!

I hope you had fun with me today! Stop on over sometime and say hello!

A big THANK YOU to Taylor. This would also make a lovely jewelry holder that could accompany some fabulous homemade earrings...like these mayhaps...

Who wouldn't like some sweet homemade jewelry and a place to display it for a lovely gift?

Tomorrow is our first food gift idea with Maggie from 
Smashed Peas and Carrots, I am hungry just thinking about it.


Cassie said...

Thanks for the idea and the great tutorial!!!

Cori said...

Ooh, I love this idea for displaying pictures or Christmas cards. I'm definitely going to have to make one.


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