Oct 19, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday

This Little Man turned 4 today.

I went into his room this morning singing "Happy Birthday". Almost immediately he covered his ears with his hands. So I stopped. Then it seemed to click what I was singing and what it meant and he got an impish grin on his face and then nodded for me to continue. Man I love this kid.

Our Little Man:

loves running, running, running and more running
will go in and keep Littlest Man company in the morning or after his nap
loves, loves, loves his dad
is persistent
is always hungry
becoming more independent
has been counting down to his birthday for months
loves giving "running start" hugs
negotiates how many pictures he get drawn on his back before bedtime (we say "2", he says "no 5", we say "okay 3", he answers "how about 4")
loves trains
loves his brother, misses is older brother when he is at school
has the best grin EVER
always wants to say the prayer

Happy Birthday, we love you!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Jack!!


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