Oct 10, 2010

Our Week in a Nutshell: Enjoying the Weather

This week there was some fabulous weather. Glorious and fall-y. Some days warm yet crisp and sunny. Some days overcast crispy and cozy. I heart fall, I mean I really heart it!

This week  we:

went to the zoo
enjoyed warm soccer practice and games
went on a bike ride down a tree lined path
stayed in our cozy clothes and watched movies
opened the windows and listened to the rain

Yes, yes I really heart fall.

Here are a few pictures of the zoo...

Littlest Little Man giving hugs to a polar bear baby 

Little Man teeter-tottering with a little boy he snagged 

best buds sliding together 

Proof that I also was enjoying the cool weather--

I had stayed bundled up all day...yes probably sewing and then realized I needed to pick oldest little man up from school. So yes I just threw on a pair of shoes and was seen in public like this. I pretty much rocked that BYU sweatshirt-brown sweatpants-argyle knee socks-dressy flat combo.

Yes I am sure the other mothers were jealous of my style.

Looking forward to another glorious fall week, and hoping to--

snuggle some more
eat soup
go to a pumpkin patch
more bike riding
going on a fall hike
making caramel apples
making apple butter and apple cider

What is your favorite fall activity??


ColleenandKendra said...

Pumpkin patches, cider mills, warm doughnuts...all of which are pretty much absent here. Sigh.

Amanda said...

making apple cider? Let me know how that turns out! yum!

Stockhoff Family said...

I am getting so excited to see those little men (oh and you and the big man too of course)


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