Mar 9, 2011

Everyday Throw Pillows

It took me just shy of 10 years to finally put everyday throw pillows on my couch. Not that I didn't want them sooner, believe me ask everyone I know how much I whined about it. I have had a really hard time finding something I like that I could afford.

Recently I helped a friend sew a whole couchful of delightfully gorgeous pillows. In the process I decided to quit whining and make some pillows for myself as well. After I finally tackled it, I was left wondering why I didn't do it sooner. It was SO easy to do. Literally the hardest part is all the cutting out of the fabric, and that was only a little hard because the rectangular blueish green pillow was a place mat.

In hindsight, I should have gotten more fabric and pillow forms. Now that one couch is all accessorized, the other one feels left out. The good news is I picked simple and easy to find material for my main pillows, which means I will be able to find the material again. I also have two other place mats that just need stuffing.

Now I smile whenever I see my couch...

Well almost always..

My smile wavers occasionally because-

the pretty pillows make me realize how funk nasty our couch has gotten in parts

my Little Men don't appreciate the finer things and they throw them on the floor, pearls before swine people 

I have to argue with hubby about the fact that these are not cozy pillows for the purpose of resting behind one's head or under one's bum

I realize I made my pillows white and my Little Men have grubby hands

Sigh. What are you gonna do?  I tell ya what I am going to do, I am just going to ignore all that and just keep smiling at the beauty of my new everyday throw pillows.


Amanda said...

I already told you, but very cute!

Celeste said...

I love them! I've made a couple pillows before and they weren't my favorite. I need to make some more, and a little bigger. Your couch is exactly like mine! Same color even. Pillows would be so great to hide how disgusting mine are looking! I'll have to keep an eye out for pillow forms and fabric on sale for a good price ;) P.S. I'm going to attempt redoing the neck on my BYU shirt soon. I'll have to show you if it turns out ;) Thanks for the how to on that ruffle shirt. I'll make one of those soon I hope too!


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