Mar 12, 2011

New Hoodie Owner Is....

You guys LOVED this giveaway. Can't blame you...really who wouldn't want this hoodie?

Well one of you ladies will be the lucky owner of a new hoodie.

That lucky girl (thanks to is...


 JoyandTren said...

Following! =)

Congrats. Leave a comment or email me with your contact info and I will get you in contact with Adri.

note: Currenty Adri is in vacation from her shop. That DOES NOT effect this giveaway. For the rest of you, just hang in there her shop will be open again soon.


JoyandTren said...

That is awesome! I am emailing you right now. :)

JoyandTren said...

Hey Lariss!

I still have not received this hoodie. She contacted me to ask the size, but that was 2 months ago. How long was she on vacation for?

Jennifer from Joy&Tren


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