Mar 29, 2011

Party In the Works

FIRST, thank you, thank you for all of your awesome Spring Break ideas. Many of them will be happening over here in our neck of the woods. My Little Men appreciate the boredom this will save them from.

Littlest Little Man has a birthday coming up.

Idea is settled on.

Color theme picked.

Target raided.

Menu planned.

Color coordinated treats gathered.

Fabric purchased.

Party shirt made.

Sneak peek...

I am having fun. I love finding random things and working them into my theme. I LOVE me some color coordination. I also LOVE a fun understated theme.

I will have some fun party tips and a tutorial for my shirt after his little gathering.

Okay, now back I go to getting stuff ready.


Tasha said...

So fun!!! I cannot wait to see more.

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

hmmm I'm intrigued!

Keri said...

oh man thanks for the reminder. I sldo have to pln a birthday party. Not one but two. Yikes my irhs twins have birthdays in april 10 days apart. Just like the choo choo train I will jugg and jugg and get-a-planning. I think I can...I think I can... This roughty rough rough partys looks super cute cant wait to see the details. have fun

Keri said...

okay wow mi inner brain spell check has been out of order for a while as you can see all my spellin errors. LOL I meant to say ruffty-ruff ruff party. LOL sill me. man I need to go back to college and take spelling 101. LOL :)

Amanda said...

We're excited!


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