Sep 28, 2011

Fabric Jewelry Bags

The other day I was invited to go to a birthday lunch for a new friend. Ya wanna know a secret? I am horrible at remembering to do things for my friend's birthdays. Take this little lunch get together for example. I knew for days about it. I had plenty of time to go get a card, something, anything. HOWEVER, my brain just shut down and it wasn't until a few hours before said lunch that I realized I probably should do something.

Luckily I had a sudden bright idea. I had the supplies to make her handmade earrings. Then as luck would have it, my brain kept working and I decided to whip out a teeny tiny fabric jewelry bag to hold the handmade earrings.

I whipped out this darling bag in under 20 minutes.

Add some earrings...or maybe a necklace...or bracelet...or all of the above and you have an instant charming and easy gift for your friend, sister, sister-in-law, teacher, mother, daughter. The list goes on and on.

Easy Peasy.

So easy in fact...I made a couple more bags. Now I am all ready for any upcoming events, right?

Fingers crossed anyway!

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