Nov 8, 2011

Superman Party: The Cake

This was by far not the hardest or most complicated cake I have made, but I have come to appreciate the awesomeness in simplicity. Middle LOVED his cake. He thought it was just about the most awesome, which made me happy.

I got the idea from this cake.

My cake isn't as awesomely smooth and clean as my muse cake, but I was pretty impressed with myself in recreating the cake toppers in small feat for a techno-illiterate like myself. You can see I also chose to line the bottom of the cake with lemon heads, keeping the cake mostly monochromatic.

I got the recipe for this cake from my every-growing Pinterest recipe folder.

The cake was pretty easy to make, setting aside the list of ingredients you need...9 egg whites...gasp...shock...The cake was good and dense. The frosting was delightful...but then again good frosting is always my favorite part of a cake.

I used yellow food coloring gel to dye the frosting to match our color theme. Add my cake toppers and the lemon heads and we had one pretty super cake perfect for our Super.

Add candles and it is all ready for wish makin'.

Slice up and dig in.

Enjoyed for sure.

Tomorrow I will share the recipe for the Jell-o cup you see in this photo. It was nearly as difficult as it seems.


Stockhoff Family said...

Seriously, my mousth is watering. Always a good sign. Love ya

Melanie said...

I like the simple. I still remember the Robot cake and STILL can't believe you spent, what?, 8 hours on it? Crazy. THis one is great!


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