Nov 21, 2011

Framed Turkey Hand Prints: Tutorial

Here is another fun, simple Thanksgiving craft that you can do with your kiddos and very little materials. My Little Men LOVE tracing their hands and making turkeys. I had yet to let them paint their hand print, so I decided this year it was about time.

I wanted to be able to display them with the rest of my Thanksgiving decor, so I came up with this simple plan to use frames I already had to display them in a prettier way.

All you need is:

old frames
old mats (or mats cut out of cereal boxes)
spray paint, color your choice for the frames
fabric for the mats
brown grocery bags
brown paint
black craft pen/marker
letter stickers (mine were cut from my Silhouette)

First, round up the basics.

Then you will want to remove the glass, backing, and mat from your frames. Lightly coat each frame with your spray paint. Leave alone for about 10 minutes. Then come back and apply a heavier coat. Continue until frames are covered to the desire amount. Sorry no picture...oops.

While frames are drying, cut the brown paper bags to the size of the frame. Grab some craft paint and one of the little hands floating around your house. Slather said little hand with paint.

Press hand, firmly onto the center of the brown paper bag. Let it dry. It doesn't take long.

Make your letter stickers. All three of my frames said "gobble". You could do any Thanksgiving word. Place under the hand print, leaving enough room for little legs to be drawn on.

Draw on legs, beak, eyes, and a wing with your craft pen.

With the actual art work done, you can work on the mat. Lay existing mat over fabric, and cut the fabric to fit with enough excess to wrap the fabric around the frame. Secure with hot glue or heavy duty craft glue. Don't have so much excess fabric that the mats won't fit in the frame.

Once the frames are dry, assemble the frame with the turkey art work.

I did three frames. One for each little hand print in our house. Once your frames are done, display in all it's Thanksgiving goodness.

Thanks for stopping by guys!


Shanea said...

Super duper cute! Love the simplicity of this one.

Stockhoff Family said...

Hey you, I want the handprints just for my wall!! I love you new picture.

Ashley @ Hillbilly Princess Diaries said...

such a great idea!


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