Nov 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Pennant Banner: Tutorial

This year I went with a brand new Thanksgiving deco plan. First it involved a brand new color scheme...brown, white and turquoise. Love it.

Everything but the little turkeys on the mantel was pulled together or made out of stuff I already had. I am really trying to not spend extra money on my projects.

I was thrilled when I found all the makings for a new "thanks" pennant banner. This banner comes together SUPER easy and it can be personalized to fit any holiday and any color scheme. Wouldn't this be super cute with red, white, and turquoise with the word MERRY? You might see that later, just sayin'.

So here is the tutorial if you want to bust it out this year or if you want to put it on your next years to-do list.
Have fun!

You will need:
white fabric
color or print fabric of your choice
fabric paint color in your choice (I use Tulip brand)
1 roll of twill tape
freezer paper

First you will want to cut our your pennant flags. I did 6 white (one for each letter) measuring 6" across the top and 7" tall. Then I cut the brown fabric into two different sized triangles. The larger ones were 4" across the top and 5" tall and the smaller ones were 3" across the top and 4" tall. If this doesn't make sense, I did a tutorial on making a pennant flag banner for Oldest's birthday a couple years ago and I showed how to cut the triangle pennants and you can go check it out HERE.

I ended up cutting out 6 white triangles, 18 larger brown triangles, and 20 smaller ones. NOW, I didn't use all of them...but I wasn't sure how many I needed...our new mantle is long.

After you cut out all the triangles, next you will want to pick your font for the letters. Print them off to fit each individual flag. Then trace the letter onto freezer paper. Using an exacto knife, cut out the letters creating a stencil.

Iron each freezer paper letter stencil onto 1 flag.

Make sure you lay out the flags on cardboard, not directly on your table.

Using a craft brush, lightly apply one layer of paint on each stencil. Then shortly after, apply another coat or two. Let dry for 30 minutes then peel off the freezer paper. The paint will still be a little wet. Let the flags dry for another 4 hours.

Once the paint is dry, you can assemble the banner.

First measure how long you want the banner to be. Add 2-3". Measure and cut that length from the twill tape. Sew a loop on either end. When assembling the flags, I started on the right side because I wanted my word to be off centered on that side. My pattern was 2 small brown triangles, 1 large triangle, the six letters triangles, 1 large, then I continued the 2 small, 1 large until I reached the other end of the banner. I pinned each flag in place as I went.

Then I simply attached the flags by sewing a zig zag stitch.

Now you have a simple and pretty "thanks" banner to hang where ever you have your Thanksgiving decorations.

I have two more Thanksgiving projects to share with you next week, plus a little Ode to spray paint and how it can make anything glorious...reference back to the little turkeys...

Thanks for stopping by friends!


Melanie said...

Very, very CUTE! I LOVE the banner.

Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

So resourceful of you to use materials you already have!


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