Jun 12, 2012

Project No More "I'm Bored!": Slime Fun


Yes, please. All little hands like some homemade slime to chase away boredom.

Homemade slime is this weeks installment of Project No More "I'm Bored!"

Homemade slime is not a new idea. You can find how to make it almost anywhere out in blogland. I have seen it and I have always had the thought in the back of my head to make it with my boys.  It is shocking that I have taken this long to make it.


I mean, so, so, so easy.

All you need is this line up of ingredients-

Elmer's glue
food coloring
popsicle sticks

First fill a jar half way with water. Then add in 1/2 cup of Borax. Put the lid on the jar and shake, shake, shake to mix the two.

In a separate jar, put equal parts glue and water.

Add a couple of drops of food coloring. Then stir.

Now is the time for the magic.

Slowly mix in small amounts of the Borax solution into the jar with the glue mixture. Stir using the popsicle stick. The new mixture will start to thicken and cling to the popsicle stick. Continue to add small amounts of the Borax mixture until...

Slime is made...wahhahaha...

Keep stirring in the Borax until the glue mixture is completely thickened. Then take it out and let the Slime Fun begin.

 Tons and tons of ooey gooey slimy fun.

Slime---a good boredom buster!

Go have some Slime Fun!


Teresa said...

I make slime in my classroom at school. The way we make slime is just cornstarch, water, and food coloring....it's so easy!

My Recent Favorite Books said...

Wow! looks like fun!

Corrie- said...

I do the cornstarch version, and this gluep version with my firsties at school too, they LOVE it! You're such a fun mom!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Corrie, you are super sweet!!


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