Jul 21, 2012

Life Gave Me Lemonade

At the beginning of the Summer, Oldest approached us about having a lemonade stand. He is quite the money minded Little Man.

He still has birthday money from two years ago. He just saves it up waiting for a big purchase. 

In fact, a couple of weeks ago he asked me if we could go to The Mart. When I asked him why, he replied and I quote...

"I want to go to Walmart so I can price iPads."

Oh well, yeah sure, what 8 year-old doesn't want to go to The Mart for that purpose. 

I unfortunately had to inform him that he was still quite a ways off from having the money to purchase said iPad, so a trip to The Mart was off.

Back to selling lemonade.

He really wanted to sell lemonade. So hubby and I promised him and Middle that we would help them put together a little lemonade stand.

We were lucky enough to have the previous owners of our house leave us a portable lemonade stand that the husband had made. 

Now I know Hubby was totally prepared to roll out the stand, mix up some country time, and let the boys sell till their hearts content.

Me on the other hand...

Well my brain went a little overboard right away.

I know hide your shock please.

I will have you know I have held back a lot. I just got so excited with how excited they were and I wanted them to have just a wonderful summertime lemonade stand memory.

I won't give all the details away now...post to follow.

However, I thought I would share the little flier I made for them to put up around the neighborhood.

I was so excited when I was done. I love the bow tie. I love the apron. I love how legit it looks. Gotta love Picmonkey.

Hopefully everything will come together and most importantly, my Little Men will have a great time and make a little spare change for themselves.

Happy Saturday!


Niki said...

Oh my that is too cute! Can't wait to see more.

Corrie- said...

I hope they rake it in! At my parents garage sale last year my mom made her delicious cinnamon rolls to sell to bring people in. She sold out and made more money on those than the rest of the sale. Good Luck!

Melanie said...


:) What ever happened to a card table on the corner with a homemade sign?

My friend and I tried to sell water once (we ran out of kool aid). A old man stopped next to us and said, "Why would people buy water from you when they can just go home and get some for free?" Huh....well, he had a point. We didn't sell one glass. ha ha ha...good times.


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