Oct 10, 2012

A Pinteresting Wednesday: My Fav Fall Look

On this A Pinteresting Wednesday we have something rare.

Rare, I tell you.

What is rare?

Nope not my steak.

Not that piece of literature nestled away on my bookshelf.

Not even a sighting of Big Foot or Loch Ness.

Rare would be an outfit/full body photo shot of myself.

I just don't do 'em people.

I am a little cooky about seeing my WHOLE body in a photo, especially in jeans. I have a history of loathing jeans. LOATHING.

I also always think I am rocking the posing thing. In my head I am the best stylist/photographer/model ever.

"Turn to the left."
"Pop that heel."
"Pouty face."
"Happy face."
"Serious face."
"Look off into the distance."
"Toes in."
"Potty stance."
"Stick Fanny out."
"Stomach in."
"Drop a shoulder."
"Don't look fat."

That is a lot of direction to take, especially when it is going on all at the same time in one's head. So while I may think I am rocking the posing, history has proven that I am really more like NOT rocking it. More like Gregorian Chanting it.

So yeah, no outfit posing for me.

However recently I gave my fashionista self another go.

For two reasons.

Reason one: This outfit was a Pinterest inspired outfit. I might have been super excited when I was able to recreate one of my most favorite Fall outfit pins. I just had to share my new favorite Fall inspiration.

I know, a little over the top for clothing. I am just a little excited to have some new pieces of clothing in my closet. My closet basically consists of mostly hand-me-downs from my sisters teenage wardrobes (they are now in their 20's).

Reason two: These jeans. Remember earlier how I said I hate jeans. Well that was before I met these jeans. NOW, I know I am never gonna look like an Olsen twin in skinny jeans or for that fact in any piece of clothing; however, I wanna feel what I imagine an Olsen twin feels when she puts on a pair of jeans.

Thin, comfortable, and glorious.

Check. Check. AND check.

So, yup. The above two reasons are why you get a rare (like unicorn prancing under a rainbow rare) outfit picture.

Thanks Pinterest for the great PINspiration. Hahaha, man I kill myself.

The Look that started it all 

Pinterest is crazy with all kinds of clothing ideas. CRA-AZY I tell you.

It is really easy to take an idea you see and to recreate. Mix new with old. Add your own personal touch. The possibilities are endless.

Instead of the cardigan I added a sweater. The orange of this sweater is also a little brighter.

I simplified the necklace idea and added my very favorite simple gold one. I also got rid of the belt and added some flashy gold bangles (my new favorite accessory).

Oh leopard print shoes.

How I love thee.

One complete outfit that I love wearing. I feel Fall-ready and quite fabulous.

shirt: JCPenny
sweater: JCPenny (not online)
jeans: JCPenny
necklace: Forever 21
Bracelets: Target
Shoes: Target

Everything but the necklace in this post is current. Did you notice that JCPenny is bringing their A game in style now? Seriously people. Lucky me that I had a gift card there.

What is on your Fall wardrobe wish list? Do tell!


Jen said...

I love the outfit! You look great! We miss you guys.

M. Jorgensen said...

You do look great!! I love cardigans and sweaters oooh and boots in the fall!!

Alicia302 said...

Do you mind sharing details on the jeans? I love them! The whole outfit is great :)

Stockhoff Family said...

Can I just say, now all 3 of you have the same exact pair of shoes!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

The jeans are from JC Penney. I put the link to the black pair of the same brand and style I bought at the bottom of the post. They are a skiny jean, but gloriously comfortable and have quite a bit of stretch.

Hope that helps!


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