Oct 31, 2012

Luke I am Your Father

Happy Halloween friends!

A day for tricking. A day for treating. A day to dress up and gather obscene amounts of candy.

A day to pilfer candy off your children. Hmm...yum. I can already taste those fun size snicker bars.

A day to kick up your feet and shout "Hallelujah!".  A day when the costumes are actually done and ready to use.

I finished my last costume literally 45 minutes before we had a church Halloween party last night. Forty-five minutes people!

Cutting it close much?!?

With all that sewing and pulling out of my hair, it didn't leave much time for photo taking.

However, I dragged my little Darth Vader outside so I could snap a couple of pictures of his dark side cuteness.

He is quite intimidating is he not?

There will probably be another post today. After all, we have a very important Jedi to introduce you to. That will round out my little Star Wars crew.

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