Nov 14, 2012

2012 Family Pictures

Forgive the picture heavy post.

The last time we had someone snap pictures of our family was when Little (who is 3 1/2) had been baking in my belly for only eight weeks.

So three years and one more little man later I think it was about time.

A family friend was more than willing to trade her time and talent for some homemade good treats, mayhaps a sewing lesson, and afternoon of endless entertainment.

Thank you Christina you are the best.

Sorry for those who have already seen these. I just can't help showing of my sweet little family to you.

I know it might seem like a lot of photos, but this is literally a small fraction. I picked some of my favorites.

Thanks for indulging this Momma.

Thanks friends!


My Recent Favorite Books said...

Such a sweet family!

I enjoyed looking at all of your photos!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! =)

Ashley said...

Awe love all of these pictures!

Natalie said...

You're a babe. Your husband is a babe (I say that in a non creepy way). Therefore, you and your husband produce some fine as wine children (again, not creepy). Good thing you and I are related... That means my children may have a smidgen of hope.

Celeste said...

Seriously adorable!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Natters.

Hey thanks everyone!

Stockhoff Family said...

Oh my, beautiful family! I of course take partial credit I mean really I at least contributed to the "Mom genes". Haha. I want copies, I think you both look amazing and of course have stunning children!!!! No bias whatsoever.


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