Nov 30, 2012

Fabric Wrapped Holiday Letters

I had a blank spot on the wall above my mantle that was super bugging me. The space seemed just right for a little holiday word.

Since I didn't have a holiday word just laying around, I figured I should probably either make one or come to terms with going crazy over the blank spot on the wall.

I have enough crazy, so I decided to make the decoration I needed.

I gathered some yarn and material that would coordinate with the rest of my decorations.

Are you shocked that it is black? It may not scream Merry Christmas, but it totally goes with all my holiday fun, including my Christmas Vintage Book Poster.

I also didn't want to spend the money on blank letters, so I grabbed some left over foam core to make my own.

I printed off my letter, J-O-Y in the font ChunkyRomanFive at 600. Then I cut them out and traced them onto foam core.  I used a exacto knife and cut the letters from the foam core.

I wrapped each letter in either strips of fabric or yarn, held in place with some hot glue.

Now my little holiday letters just had to be hung up and fulfill their destiny above my mantle.

I have intentions of showing you my mantle. I think it is rather quaint and vintagy looking, but alas I just can't get a good picture. So fingers crossed maybe soon.

1 comment:

Stockhoff Family said...

It looks amazing Rissa, really great idea.


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