Dec 14, 2012

Project Handmade Christmas Presents: Felt Food

Here is another installment of Project Handmade Christmas Presents 2012.

Last year for our niece I made a little apron and a set of felt cookies. Word on the street is that she loves, loves them and plays with them often.

So when we drew her name again this Christmas, I figured it would be grand to make her some more felt food.

I had some awesome plans. I can get carried away with plans for felt food. Making felt food is addicting and fun. In light of our house of illness, I kiboshed the kitchen full of food I had planned on making, and I kept it simple, making something for each meal.

Felt is easy and fun to work with. You don't need to finish the edges. You often don't even need to pin pieces together. You can make felt food as simple or as detailed as you have time for.

Felt food is the perfect toy for an imagination that likes to cook. All but Oldest still really enjoy playing with it  in our house. In fact, they were a little bummed that this was leaving our house. I made everything better by promising to make them some of the pretzels (their new favorite).

If you have a felt food lover in your house, this set is really quite easy to sew. Especially the breakfast and dinner patterns.

I have put together a very basic how-to.

What you will need:

felt in all the food colors ( you should need less than a 1/4 yard, but I always have felt on hand)
2 1/2"x16" strip of color for crust (not included in pattern)
batting or stuffing
coordinating thread
Breakfast of Champions pattern
Brown Bag Lunch pattern
Gimme a Slice pattern 1 and pattern 2

I am going to show the basics with the pancakes from my Breakfast of Champions, a felt food pattern I shared years ago. Your pancakes will look a little different because I did it without the pattern. However, the pattern will give you the shape. ALSO, this how-to is different then the original. It is a little simplified.

The first thing you will do is cut out all the pieces.

Then you will sew from top to bottom.

By that I mean, you always sew the top items on and then work your way down. So for the pancake, it is sewing the butter on to the syrup. Then sewing the syrup onto one pancake piece.

With the pizza it would be, the toppings onto the cheese, then the cheese onto the sauce, then the sauce onto the crust.

For the pancake and pizza, you will sew together the front and back pieces by layering the top and bottom right sides together. Then you will add a circle of batting to the top of your stack.

You will sew around the outside leaving a 2 inch opening for turning the pancake (pizza) out. Make sure the batting lays flat. Then hand sew the opening closed. Pancake done!

To make the lunch pieces, the meat, cheese, lettuce, and pretzels it is a simple matter of layering the pieces on top and sewing around the outsides. Now turning or stuffing.

The lettuce and pretzels have some sewing details, like the leaf ridge pattern on the lettuce.

Or the holes in the pretzels.

The most difficult item to make was the bread.

You pin the 1 1/2" crust strips to the outside of two pieces of bread.

You sew the ends of the strip together at the bottom. Then you attach the crust to the one piece by sewing all the way around the outside. Repeat on the other piece.

Then you take the two extra bread pieces and, right sides facing, pin the piece onto the crust edge not attached to the other bread piece.

Like so.

Sew around to attach, leaving a 1-2 inch opening to turn. Then turn out. Stuff it with batting. Then hand sew the opening closed. Bread all done.

So there ya have it, a breakfast option, a lunch option, and a dinner option.

 Hope your little chefs enjoy!


Ashley said...

I love this!

Alayna said...

I love these! I am making a quite book right now for my kids for Christmas, so I have a ton of smaller pieces that my kids would love for me to make into felt food. If I start now, I can have the food done in time Easter. Maybe. But knowing me, it will probably take until next Christmas to finish the food:)

Stockhoff Family said...

Word on the street is that the Mom the of very same neice is super excited after seeing this blog!!!! Just saying. :)


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