Jan 28, 2013

Toy Story Play Dough Present

We had a birthday party to go to this weekend for a sweet little two-year-old boy. We will forgo mentioning that we ended up not being able to go because of a sick kiddo. Back to the party...you know what that means...birthday present fun.

I really enjoying coming up with present ideas. We have given superhero capes, dolls (yes we occasionally get invited to little girl parties), and movie themed presents just to name a few.

Before Christmas I had thought up this present idea for homemade play dough with a coordinating fun place mat. I thought it would be perfect to give to some of Little's friends.

Well, then, I ran out of time...Christmas came and went. Luckily for me the idea stayed in my head. That my friends is rare occurrence. Thoughts typically do not stay in my head. They rattle around for a day or two and then roll on out.

A few weeks ago whilst grocery shopping I walked past some cute plastic placemats and was reminded of my idea. I picked out a few for future present giving and stored them for later.

Fast forward to now. For this little boy's present I decided to go with the Toy Story place mat. Toy Story pretty much rocks any Little Man's world. My Little Men have even been Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

How awesome is Buzz Lightyear? 

For the Toy Story themed play dough I chose to use purple and green for Buzz and yellow and blue for Woody.

I followed my favorite Homemade Play Dough recipe. Buzz approved.

I had been saving up Bean's baby food containers since before Christmas when I originally wanted to make play dough.

I sectioned off just enough play dough to fit into the small container.

The extra play dough was immediately put to good use.

I filled all the little containers.

Then I went to my good old stand by PicMonkey and I created some labels for the tops.

I cut them out and stuck them to the top.

Yellow made me the happiest. Well hello and howdy to you!

 Play dough done. Roll up the place mat, tie some fabric around it and BAM...present.

Fun present for a fun little friend! This was a fun and super easy to make. I better keep saving those baby food containers!


Unknown said...

That's a really fun and really cute gift!

fdkljsdflkgj said...

This is such a great! I love doing homemade gifts too :) -Play Create Explore (www.playcreateexplore.com)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love it! Totally stealing this for a little friends upcoming bday!


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